Teaming Up for School Enrollment Growth

Elizabeth and Tisha have formed a cosmic collaboration – our partnership is Aerologic School Marketing, a division of Aerologic Marketing. Our mission is to share our knowledge, skills, and tools with schools who want to attract and retain great-fit families.

SEE THE BIGGER PICTURE It’s been a different year for schools and families alike, and it’s uncertain how the numbers will play out. Some schools experienced increased enrollment, but will that drop when public schools reopen? Other schools saw downturns as difficult financial circumstances caused families to reevaluate big ticket items like school tuition. But one thing is for sure – marketing and communications plays a role in your customers’ decisions at every level. Their valuation of your school comes from how you tell (or fail to tell) your story. And if their valuation is not higher than the cost of tuition, well, you know what happens!


The NAIS Independent School magazine asserts, “For schools to thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace, a more sophisticated marketing and communications office is essential.”

“Offices of one are no longer acceptable.”


Collaboration is beneficial to growth. Teammates can balance each other and stimulate creativity by exchanging ideas and combining experience. They can share access to resources and keep the workflow going. And they can be a great source of excitement, motivation, and support.Now we can be an extension of your team! Your virtual MarCom department.


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