Developing a new brand? Launching new services? Updating your identity? Moving to full-out digital media? You may need a partner for a window of time to help map out next steps, or determine if your projections make sense, or audit the various integral parts of the proposed marketing plan.  We are pros at navigating all the stats as well as exploring the what if’s? in a consultative partnership whose goal is to help you launch with confidence and measurable success.

Essential branding elements:

  • website audits
  • brand audits
  • timelines + budgets
  • sales + marketing collaboration
  • tradeshow toolkits
  • creative + art direction for photo + video shoots
  • production assistance (producer)
  • discovery + viability for start-ups
  • digital media planning + budgeting
  • analytic strategy
  • SEO audits
  • grand opening campaigns
  • e-commerce research
  • social media planning
  • campaign strategy
  • PR strategy
  • nonprofit + fundraising marketing consultation

Ask us how we can help your organization as an extension of your in-house team or manage your ongoing marketing!

multi-dimensional because no size fits all

Aerologic Marketing is an ideal choice to provide cost-effective creative marketing solutions in lieu of a full-time employee or traditional agency. All relationships vary based on client needs, goals, and budgets. Our consultant-based collaborations keep us agile and relevant for businesses and organizations ready to invest in their future. Helping grow B2B customers, reaching a niche customer, or managing critical internal communications require nuanced skills. Our favorite projects? Creatively inspirational and creatively successful in meeting, and often exceeding, our client’s unique goals.

cosmic community collaboration

building relationships

Our best relationships are built by asking questions, learning as much as possible, mutual respect, and sticking together! As we better understand your brand identity and voice, our relationship becomes seamless, optimizing efficiency and efficacy. We can be your marketing partner – extension of your in-house department, remote communications team, tackling project work, or providing ongoing marketing support.

breaking through

“It Factor” may not be scientific, but it is definitely measurable. Through every stage of campaigns or development, our  marketing team concentrates on emotional and informational messages that resonate with your audience. Strong digital marketing plan includes SEO strategy, paid search plan, relevant social media, and a user-friendly website. We work hard to make the process effective and offer analytic reporting to plan next steps.

investing in growth

The average person views up to 10,000 branding and advertising message each day. Curated content is essential to compete for your customers’ valuable attention successfully. Engaging, relevant content is timely, compelling, and must-haves in the digital marketplace. We can tackle the heavy lifting through research, organizing, writing, planning, and publishing. Content strategies are an investment of time and money but always pay off in measurable ROI.

We love all of the work Aerologic Marketing does for us! What an awesome team. We always know that we will be in good hands.

~ small business owner

transportation + logistics industry, B2B + B2C

Our company outgrew our original, simple website. Team Aerologic worked with us to develop a user-friendly website that reflected our brand. With their foresight and planning, we know we have a functional and expandable site. We are grateful for their knowledgeable team. Our investments are paying off with SEO strategies to help make our website a marketing tool to grow our business.

~ communications director

legal + real estate + international business, B2B

Elizabeth and her team helped guide us toward a more professional marketing program. They helped design our website and taught us things like color science and things we had never thought of. Throughout the process, they clearly communicated the budget – and helped us stay on budget. This was good for us as a company that did not have a clear approach to marketing.

~ marketing + inventory, e-commerce manager

wholesale industrial company + retail design industry, B2B + B2C

Aerologic has the unique ability to keep all the important factors of a marketing project in mind as the concepts are being developed. The great thing about our marketing effort is that it actually works! They can take the spark of an idea, develop it within the brand … keeping in mind the audience and thinking about the outcome to bring it all together. Your brand is in good hands!

~ owner, managing partner

healthcare consulting, B2B + B2C

The creativity that you get when you work with Aerologic is second to none. It always amazes me that we can be talking about some completely boring aspect of the banking industry, and they come back and present it in some way that is new and fresh – something our customers are going to love. The ideas tell exactly the story we were trying to tell and get the point across by taking a vision and putting a whole plan together. It’s always satisfying to work with the Aerologic Team.

~ vp marketing + communications

financial + lending + banking industry, B2C + B2B

Working with Elizabeth and her team at Aerologic Marketing is just amazing. I am a super black-and-white business-minded person, and they bring all the creativity, energy, and ideas that we’re missing. I absolutely love working with their team – the absolute best!

~ small business executive

Insurance industry, B2C + B2B