We know it does, and you’re in luck! Color theory is one of our fortes.

Scientifically speaking, color choice is an essential part of building a solid brand. Color theory is always an integral part of the branding strategies we develop with our clients. The human brain is made to respond to attractive color, impactful color, meaningful color.

Proven attractive color combinations help your marketing by strengthening your brand impact and increasing brand awareness.

Color is a significant part of branding, and brand awareness can:

• HELP increase your prices and/or sales with perceived higher value

• GIVE you the ability to expand your product and services

• OFFER growth with cross marketing and repeat business


While this is only one intensity of colors broken out into tried and true color harmonies, you can see that science gave us the key to unlocking the right color combinations. We develop options from high-impact color schemes like complementary or triads to settling schemes like analogous.


Cultural influences help shape what we relate to color. For example, Americans see RED consistently as the color of food, sex, and danger, while GREEN represents safety, environment, wealth, home, and LUCK! In parts of Asia, red is seen as purity and the color of marriage, so context matters, too.


So Why Did UPS Choose Brown?

Brown has been part of the UPS identity since 1919. Most people see BROWN as reliable and strong – perfect for what they want you to perceive when doing business with UPS. However, the story goes that the old Pullam Railroad cars were brown and considered professional and classy. Lucky for them that we mostly get a feeling of strength when we see brown. While the study of aesthetics and psychology of color hit the scene in Germany under Elwad Hering’s research in 1887, it has only been since the 1960s that marketers took the science to heart for developing color strategies in branding. Bottom line, while choosing brand or even campaign colors, we can put science and practical rationale to work, but we still want colors that reflect your business’ personality and style.

Test the Science Yourself

Next time you see an exit sign, look right past it, relaxing both eyes, and count to 15. When you finish counting, close your eyes. You may see a green glow similar to the E-X-I-T in the darkness of your closed eyes. Your brain is compensating with the complement from the color wheel to balance the overexposure of the intense red. Our brains are truly wired for harmonious color.


Half of brand reputation comes from online socializing. Is your brand strategy – including color choice – helping you get noticed?

Too Much Color Talk?

If we are currently helping with your branding, don’t worry! We are taking all of these factors into consideration when developing your color schemes.

An Aerologic expert is always seeking out new information to help your brand find success.

In the meantime, if you have questions, we’d love to hear from you.