OBSCURITY – the quality of being difficult to understand (AKA social media holidays)

Social media holidays can feel forced and irrelevant. However, they are an essential part of social media campaigns. Today is an Aerologic Marketing favorite social media holiday – #TakeYourDogToWorkDay, so it seems fitting to share with our B2B and B2C friends why social media holidays matter.

  • DON’T MISS OPPORTUNITIES to appear engaged in current trends and add to your brand’s personality by choosing social media holidays that fit your organization.

  • SEE CONSISTENCY AS CRITICAL for brand awareness. New ranking signals* not only look for steady activity from your business but a unified appearance of your posts. Social media holidays provide a base schedule for your social media strategy.

  • SUPPORT YOUR INDUSTRY with so many social media holiday options there are always connections to your specific industry.

  • BE PART OF CONVERSATIONS that you care about or reflect your beliefs. Studies from Sprout Social and HubSpot show that around 86% of clients or customers find transparency from an organization important.

  • GROW YOUR FOLLOWERS by attracting new supporters that search or follow search by hashtags. Social media posts are a great way to increase your audience in a time when organic reach is difficult to obtain.

  • INCREASE WEB TRAFFIC by staying active with a digital marketing strategy. When you choose the right social media holidays for your organization you not only grow your followers, but you contribute to your web visits. Businesses and individuals that connect with you on social media are 91% more likely to visit your website. (HappyHourMedia.com)

Ranking Signals are any characteristics of a website OR social media platform that create search engine algorithms. These criteria impact who sees your organization online.


No matter what industry your organization belongs to – education, finance, consulting, healthcare – social media holidays should be part of your marketing strategy.

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